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Cleaning And Manpower Service

Faras Albahar is providing cleaning and manpower service at an affordable cost across UAE.


Faras AlBahar operates in the UAE with the aim to provide a top-quality workforce for all construction and general labour requirements across the UAE in terms of cleaning and manpower service. 

We take pride in our ability to provide the best possible service at competitive rates. On the other hand, our solutions are not limited to a single industry or a single occupation but range from skilled professionals to unskilled labourers.

We currently have a labour force of thousands capable of performing various tasks, for instance cleaning residential and commercial properties. For example, Schools, Hotels, Offices and Apartments; Construction work on Residential and Commercial sites. Above all, supporting the food manufacturing industry through Production Lines or Packaging Lines.

Faras AlBahar is a Manpower Supply company with over sixteen years of experience in manpower recruitment and management. Therefore, the company specializes in providing an international workforce of highly talented skilled & unskilled manpower. For instance labour force solutions, security guards, Indoor cleaners, general cleaners, general helpers, construction workers, office boys, bike riders Security Guards and more

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Faras Al Bahar is one of the most eminent cleaning services and manpower solution companies across the UAE. We provide the best and proper cleaning services in terms of residential and commercial cleaning at an affordable cost. We developed a highly expert & experienced cleaning team that performs their duties seamlessly and efficiently. We are now focusing on innovative cleaning techniques that are 99% germs-free cleaning. Our main cleaning services are deep cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, outdoor cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and many more under residential cleaning. We also provide commercial cleaning like Office premises, shops & retail, Restaurant & Hotels, etc. our main objective is customer’s satisfaction not cost, so we always believe in quality not in quantity.


We also assist to get skilled & unskilled manpower in different categories like labour, general cleaners, general helpers, construction workers, office boy & girls, security guards, farmworkers & many more.  

Our Mission

We are fully dedicated to providing the top quality cleaning & manpower service by our expertise and experience that changes the experience and the expectations of our customers, through our constant and innovative efforts.

Our Vison

To be the most preferred cleaning & manpower service provider across UAE that creates a great brand value across all industry.

Our Values

  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Challanges
  • Team Work
  • Mutual Respect
  • Fair Return

Our Skills










The best Manpower & Cleaning Services across the gulf region


Faras Al Bahar is providing Manpower and Cleaning services across UAE. We have huge experience in manpower solutions and cleaning services. We have provided more than 10 thousand skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower in various companies across gulf region. 

Manpower Services

There is a limitless prospect for any business and for that every industry and company needs plenty of manpower to run their business. We help companies to get skilled & unskilled manpower in various segments and industries. We provide general labour, general cleaners, general helpers, construction manpower, security personals and many more. So, If you need manpower for your company then feel free to contact us any time. We will provide our best service to fulfill your requirement.

Residential Cleaning

Faras Al Bahar has an excellent reputation in quality and service of residential cleaning in Dubai and surrounding areas. Our expert and well trained cleaning team handle all the cleaning jobs and clean your home top to bottom with full satisfaction. Let us handle of all your residential cleaning requirements. Our sharp, and pleasant service is guaranteed to your room cleanliness and tidiness. We believe in customer satisfaction that you will get it from us at affordable price.

Commercial Cleaning

Faras Al Bahar is providing commercial cleaning across UAE. We provide our commercial cleaning to offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, spas and many other commercial areas. We used different types of techniques and chemicals to offer the highest level of cleanliness. We do varieties of cleaning from floor, desk, pantry and many more at affordable prices. we have adequate experience and training that can work to your requirements without any hassle, this gives you fewer things to worry about our services.

Cleaning Outsourcing

Faras Al Bahar has huge expert and well trained cleaning manpower to accept cleaning outsourcing of residential and commercial cleaning. We are specialized in providing cleaning manpower in supply across UAE at affordable cost. We have optioned to provide cleaning manpower with or without accommodation and transportations. We also offer long term and short term contract to the companies or organizations to fulfill their requirement. We have also optioned to provide cleaning manpower with or without material.


John Lennon CEO, Topper LLC


Faras Al Bahar is providing the following services

  • Cleaning

  • Manpower

  • Plumbing

  • Deep Cleaning

  • General Helpers

  • Mason

  • Residential Cleaning

  • Electrician


We have served many clients since 10 year across Gulf & Middle East Asia. We have more than 1000 highly satisfied clients across UAE.


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This blog is dedicated for Cleaning & Manpower Supply across UAE. 

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